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The Shack's origin is a story both long and rambling, harkening back to the days of a vastly different Internet. The site has gone through numerous iterations followed by multi-year periods of dormancy.

Once a 'zine, covering a range of topics and featuring a number of different writers, The Shack has been a solo endeavour since late 1999. While there are no plans, currently, to feature any additional writers, there is also no telling what the future holds. (A safe bet would be another eventual period of dormancy!)

The present incarnation of The Shack is mainly focused on reviews of music and movies. The subjects I'm interested in have shifted over the years, with my MMA fandom currently in its twilight — and gaming occupying more of my free time these days.

The Archives are currently very bare; the site has hundreds of old reviews and articles that could eventually be re-posted. Every time I re-launch the site, I get intensely critical of all my older writing and hesitate to just throw it all back online.

You can get a fuller picture of my influences and interests by checking out the Links page and seeing the types of creators and outlets I follow and recommend. Otherwise, feel free to send me any of your questions.

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