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Whispers In The Maze — Threads Unbind EP

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Hailing from my home city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, my first exposure to Whispers In The Maze was seeing them open an Amorphis show (review). The band put on a really tight live performance, showcasing material from this EP as well as some unrecorded work as well. I've been very lucky with the quality level of opening acts at the shows I've been going to over the past few years, What I heard in the live setting was excellent, and I left with a really positive impression of the band and made note to check out the EP they mentioned at the show.

Containing 4 tracks, and only running slightly more-than 20 minutes, Threads Unbind is a good sample of what the band has to offer. Whispers In The Maze serve up a combination of blackened, melodic metal in the vein of In Flames, Necrophobic and Beyond Creation, blending biting intensity with some sick grooves and strong melodic sensibilities. The opening cut, "I Can Show You Everything," was a powerful live track and represents the best of the EP. The blend of foot-stomping passages and all-out black-death fury makes for a great mix live and in the studio setting. The middle 2 tracks are quite fine, and the closer, "Climbing The Abyss" ends things off on a strong note.

The production is good, far from low-fi but far from pristine; Threads Unbind sounds like what you'd expect from a modern band on their first EP. The mixing is very good, setting the vocals just right in the mix so they're intelligable rather than being drowned in the mix or overpowering the instrumentals. The bass presence on the material is very noticeable and thickens out the band's sound quite a bit. The backing vocals — both low growls and some deep, gothy female voicing — add some nice flourishes in addition to the variety in the compositions.

This is a good first offering from a band that shows a lot of promise. There are a plethora of catchy riffs, tasty leads and intricate rhythm parts that combine to a really mature effort from Whispers In The Maze. Their unrecorded material sounded great live and, in conjunction with this EP, bode well for the project's future releases. Melodic metal fans would do well to keep an eye on this band, and give this EP a shot.


A very good debut EP from melodic blackened metal project Whispers In The Maze. The song-writing and performances on Threads Unbind are strong, the engineering is more than serviceable and there is a lot of potential displayed here. The band has serious talent and their writing game seems to be improving; this is a quality release and has me looking forward to whatever they put out next.

Album Information

Release date: July 25th, 2019
Record label: Independent

Marc Alain Bonenfant — vocals
Emine Topcu — guitar, backing vocals
Vitto Oh — guitar
Ben Bertrand — bass, backing vocals
Mike Berrigan — drums

Track Listing

  1. I Can Show You Everything
  2. Bleeding Pain
  3. Rewoven
  4. Climbing The Abyss


—by Derek

Published: October 15th, 2019.