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Fight Notes: UFC Fight Night 140

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A mixed bag of an event, UFC Fight Night 140 was yet another 6-fight main card that began at 10:00pm EST. The main card itself was pretty good, but the preliminary bouts were combination of sloppy and uneventful for the most part. The show was capped off with a one-sided main event which ended in an extremely brutal KO win for Santiago Ponzinibbio. I just wish I didn't have to stay up until 1:00am to see fight, as the main event was a strong match-up on paper, between two much improved fighters. Here is what I thought of everything else.

Main Card

Welterweight Fight
Santiaio Ponzinibbio def. Neil Magny by KO (punch) @ 2:36 of Round 4

Ponzinibbio cracked Magny with a jab early and seemed to damage his right eye significantly. For the rest of the fight, Magny was stuck with his back to the cage, unsuccessfully trying to circle away from the stalking Sanitago Ponzinibbio. Magny tried to press forward in the second round, but got his left leg chopped down by brutal kicks and was staggered with a pair of jabs near the end of the frame. The third was a lot more conservative than I expected; Ponzinibbio easily won it, but picked his shots and didn't concentrate on Magny's damaged leg or eye nearly as much as he could have. Magny was hobbled throught the fourth and, after being further picked apart by a cautious Ponzinibbio, was suddenly faceplanting into the canvas by way of a massive right-cross. Magny showed a lot of heart — far too much, in all honesty — but was completely outclassed by Ponzinibbio, who just served notice that he looks to be the real deal.

Featherweight Fight
Ricardo Lamas def. Darren Elkins by TKO (elbows and punches) @ 4:09 of Round 3

This was shaping up to be a typical Darren Elkins fight, with him relentlessly pressing forward, absorbing a lot of damage, bleeding a lot, and making for an all-around messy fight. Elkins was able to take Lamas down a lot, but was unable to hold him there or do anything with the position. Lamas was looking a tad slower than usual, but accumulated damaging leg-kicks on Elkins, countered well, and scored a very sudden finish in the final minute of the fight. After taking Elkins down, Lamas exploded in a flurry of elbows and punches, prompting referee Keith Hackney to wisely call a stop to the fight. This was a good win for Lamas, who has been underrated forever — and will probably continue to be — and gets him back in the Win column.

Light Heavyweight Fight
Johnny Walker def. Khalil Rountree by KO (elbow and punches) @ 1:57 of Round 1

This one was mercifully short and sweet: Johnny Walker staggere Rountree with punches and clinch knees, and delivered a shockingly sudden KO with a single clinch elbow. Rountree dropped to the canvas like he'd been shot, a result of an extremely casual-looking elbow. Walker makes a great UFC debut and gave us a needed finish on tepid fight card so far.

Middleweight Fight
Ian Heinisch def. Cezar Ferreira by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

After a brief feeling-out process, Ferreira chose to shoot for takedowns and pressure with wrestling. Heinisch was taken down a few times, but got back to his feet fairly easily. In the second half of the first round, Heinisch inexplicably pulled Ferreira into his guard with a jumping guillotine that yielded nothing. Heinisch seemed content to grapple with Ferreira in the second round as well, though his opponent seemed to be fading a little bit. I'd say Heinisch probably stole round 2 with a hard shot in the final 10 seconds that dropped "Mutante" — little else of consequence happened in the round. Ferreira was incredibly exhausted in the third, and Heinisch lit him up a number of times but was unable to seal the deal. I'd argue that Heinisch won all 3 rounds; Ferreira looked terrible.

Bantamweight Fight
Marlon Vera def. Guido Canetti by Submission (rear-naked choke) @ of Round 2

The first round was very competitive, despite Vera coming into the fight as a 3:1 betting favourite. Canetti landed some good shots but nothing that looked to really hurt Vera, he rode out the round without taking too much damage. The second round was a complete 180 from the first, as Vera smashed Canetti with hard shots, dropped him twice and eventually sunk in a textbook rear-naked choke on his dazed foe. One of the biggest disparities between rounds I've seen in a while, as Vera went from possibly getting upset to mauling Canetti.

Women's Catchweight Fight (118 lbs)
Cynthia Calvillo def. Poliana Botelho by Submission (arm-triangle choke) @ 4:48 of Round 1

I missed most of this fight due to a surprise phone call from a friend. What I did see was Cynthia Calvillo completely school, her opponent on the ground and coaxing a very quick tap out of her without even securing body hooks. Calvillo looked good, despite missing weight and looking horrendous on the scales yesterday.


Welterweight Fight
Michel Prazeres def. Bartosz Fabinski by Submission (guillotine choke) @ 1:02 of Round 1

Not much to say here, Prazeres blasted Fabinski with a straight-right in the opening moments of the fight. Fabinski fell straight backwards, Prazeres followed him and initially tried to finish the fight with ground-and-pound before snatching his neck and forcing the tap. A great showing for Prazeres at welterweight so, naturally, the first thing he did in his post-fight interview is ask to move back down to a weight he can't make anymore.

Flyweight Fight
Alexandre Pantoja def. Ulka Sasaki by Submission (rear-naked choke) @ 2:18 of Round 1

A welcome break from the streak of fights going to decision, Alexandre Pantoja was able to submit Ulka Saski in short order. As soon as the fight went to the ground, Panjoa threatened an arm bar. Sasaki briefly recovered top position, but was pressed with a triangle attempt, and eventually had his back taken in a scramble. Pantoja wasted no time slapping on a tight rear-naked choke, securing the body triangle position and forcing Sasaki to tap. Boy, I can't wait to be rid of this talent rich divison!

Featherweight Fight
Austin Arnett def. Humberto Bandenay by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

To steal commentary from someone on my Twitter feed, this was just the featherweight version of Pinedo / Powell from the Fight Pass prelims. Bandenay looked good in the first, but ran out of steam half-way through the fight and Arnett — whose takedowns were pretty bad even when they worked — was able to take over and ultimately win the fight. Yet another decision, and a mediocre fight. Arnett picks up his first UFC win, and Bandenay loses the first of his bouts to go any significant amount of time. I can't wait to not remember this fight.

Welterweight Fight
Laureanno Staropoli def. Hector Aldana by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Making up for the doldrums of the last bout, Staropoli and Aldana waged a stand-up fight over all 3 rounds — neither saw fit to try and take things to the mat. Staropoli was wild at times, throwing spinning back-fists and jumping kicks, but wasn't made to suffer for it much. Aldana's left eye got cut in the opening minutes of the fight, and the referee saw fit to have the ringside physician examine it between each round, but thankfully didn't wave the fight off. Aldana was content to counter and, as such, lost due to the greater accuracy and aggression of Staropoli.

Fight Pass Prelims

Lightweight Fight
Jesus Pinedo def. Devin Powell by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

This fight was pretty bad; after a fun, striking-heavy first round, Devin Powell spent the better part of the next 2 on his back. Pinedo was able to keep moving in and out of range, landing sparing ground-and-pound while Powell did nothing but throw ineffective up-kicks. The referee really should have stood them up but instead allowed significant amounts of the final 2 rounds to play out like this. Powell looked terrible and Pinedo won easily. In a display of horrendous fight IQ, Powell actually shot for a single-leg in the final 12 seconds of the fight, despite clearly losing the first 2 rounds — and en route to losing the third.

Featherweight Fight
Nad Narimani def. Anderson Dos Santos by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

A respectable opening scrap. Both spent the first round staging a boxing match in 4-ounce gloves, with Narimani getting the better of the exchanges, though they were competitive. Throughout the second and third rounds, Narimani opted to take Dos Santos down and rack up a lot of time in top position and earned a decisive clean sweep victory.

—by Derek

Published: November 18th, 2018.