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Mesarthim — Spire EP

Mesarthim - Spire EP, cover

Mesarthim returns with another release with zero advance notice or fanfare. The Spire EP presents two tracks for our consumption, a really catchy opener in "Crater" followed by the namesake track which clocks in at 7 minutes. The opener teases the listener with a bit of dubstep after the track opens with a very calming, melodic chime synth; "Crater" quickly fades out before settling into a steady groove. The first track is a taunt in my opinion, as I would love to hear Mesarthim explore the specific mix of genres and tones on that song further.

"Spire," the title track gives us another solid Mesarthim track. For those who became fans of the project with the exposure they garnered following the Pillars release, I can confidently state that Spire is another worthy addition to your collection. According to the project's Bandcamp page, this was initially a CD-R release; since it's 2016, I guess CD-R is just as inaccessible as cassette tapes so kudos to Mesarthim for embracing obscure formats.

The project's Bandcamp page is worth a follow, as it stands you are seemingly guaranteed a new release of some sort every few months.


Another strong addition to an interesting project's discography. Spire is short, sweet and to the point; a two-piece offering of catchy, synth-heavy atmospheric black metal. With a total running time of just over 10 minutes, Spire serves as both a good introduction to this music project and provides a maintenance dose to existing fans as well.

Album Information

Release date: March 25th, 2016
Record label: independent

. — everything
. — other

Track Listing

  1. Crater
  2. Spire

—by Derek

Published: April 30th, 2016