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Mesarthim — Presence EP

Mesarthim - Presence EP, cover

A scant four months since releasing two EPs which totaled 40 minutes worth of material, and Mesarthim is back with yet another short release with Presence. Just as Type III signalled a slight departure from the confines of the project's established sound, the new EP continues to mix new music elements into Mesarthim's atmospheric metal toolkit. The opening track, "Eschaton Part I" makes this abundantly clear very quickly, layering in haunting female vocals and breaking off into full-blown psytrance midway through the 7-minute song.

The next track, unsurprisingly titled "Eschaton Part II" hews much closer to Mesarthim's past work, specifically the .- -... ... . -. -.-. . full-length and The Great Filter. This second part is heavily driven by the guitar riffs and programmed blast beats, building to buzzing crescendos overlaid with cathartic screams — no electronica breakdowns to be found here. The final track, and the EP's namesake, "Presence," calls back the mellow, electronica interlude from the first track and fuses it with a more standard-issue Mesarthim track.

With each step forward, as Mesarthim seek to expand their sound and the range of influences represented in it, we get glimpses of the future followed by a return to form with minor adapations. I've enjoyed each and every release this Australian duo has put out, and the continual tweaks and improvements to this sonic formula have all been well executed and received. Each release has its own unique blend of influences which comprise Mesarthim, and Presence continues this trend.


Presence ushers in the next chapter in the ongoing story of Mesarthim. Four months after a year chock-full of releases, including 4 EPs and a full-length album, Mesarthim are back with another EP of their most diverse material to date. Leaning heavily on psytrance and other electronica elements, Mesarthim still keep the guitars heavy and the material spacey and atmospheric, while delivering another 20 minutes of quality music.

Album Information

Release date: April 25th, 2017
Record label: independent

. — vocals
. — other

Track Listing

  1. Eschaton Part I
  2. Eschaton Part II
  3. Presence

—by Derek

Published: May 25th, 2017