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Falls Of Rauros — Patterns In Mythology

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Hailing from Maine, Falls Of Rauros, along with Minnesota's Panopticon have spent the better part of the last decade continually redefining the borders of the American post-black metal scene. Over the years, Falls Of Rauros' style has grown to include a lot more melody while still retaining a fundamental heaviness and some primal black metal elements. Each of the band's previous four albums have seen steady progression in the band's cohesion and talent as song writers, and Patterns In Mythology is another clear step forward for the group — bringing all of the band's talent to bare on a fresh new set of material.

Opening with the brief "Détournement," a slow-paced intro to the first real song of the album "Weapons Of Refusal," Patterns In Mythology takes its time to establish itself. The droning, doomy intro riff builds a sense of tension and foreboding and — like the rest of the tracks on the record — rewards a patient listener. "Weapons..." kicks off with an up-tempo riff and assails the listener with a series of riffs and transitions between traditional lead and rhythm arrangements and twin-guitar harmonies. Falls Of Rauros perfectly straddle the line between the vicious, aggresion of black metal and the melodic catchiness of more subtle genres.

The band uses vocals sparingly, instead crafting emotionally tense moments solely with their instrumentals; splitting mic duties, the band's guitarists lend a pained, enmotive voice to their already weighty songs. At first glance, the band's material sounds like a series of meandering free jams, but with repeated listens the grandness of the material becomes apparent. Boasting a 45-minute running time with only 6 tracks, Patterns In Mythology contains some of Falls Of Rauros' longest songs to date, but the record doesn't feel like that at all. Each track segues perfectly into the next, making it easy to burn away a half-hour and realise you're already 2/3 of the way through the album — this record is heavy enough to distort the passage of time.

Each track is jam packed full of quality riffs, tasty leads and a sturdy rhythm section. Colin Marsten is an underrated force in the studio, responsible for engineering some of the best records in the post-black metal scene and he turns in another incredible production job here. Falls Of Rauros have never sounded better, Patterns In Mythology features punchy drums, thick, resonant bass and perfectly mixed twin guitars. The band really stepped things up on all fronts, from the writing all the way through to the recording and mixing process. Falls Of Rauros truly hit their stride on this record, an album I already have slotted into my top efforts of 2019.

If you're at all familiar with Falls Of Rauros, this is a no-brainer. For those unfamiliar, I highly recommend this album as a starting point; the band's previous efforts are all very good, but Patterns In Mythology is currently the high water mark in the band's discography.


The fifth full-length album from Maine's Falls Of Rauros, Patterns In Mythology is the group's strongest work to date. Long, intricate and nuanced songs provide some of the band's most melodic and sonically heavy moments. Even as the genre of post-black metal continues to grow and expand, Falls Of Rauros remain among the most talented, engaging and creative forces in the scene. This is easily one of the best metal records of 2019.

Album Information

Release date: July 19th, 2019
Record label: Gilead Media

Jordan — guitar, vocals, keyboards
Aaron — guitar, vocals
Evan — bass
Ray — guitars, drums

Track Listing

  1. Détournement
  2. Weapons Of Refusal
  3. New Inertia
  4. Renouvellement
  5. Last Empty Tradition
  6. Memory At Night


—by Derek

Published: July 31st, 2019.