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Eneferens — Eventide EP

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Released just a little over a year ago, after having the bulk of his gear stolen, The solo artist behind the American black metal project Eneferens, gives us the Eventide EP. A collection of acoustic material and a cover of the equally obscure 40 Watt Sun, the EP was released both to help raise funds for replacement equipment but also to effect a bit of a cathartic release. I'd say the latter was definitely accomplished and I only hope the former was as well, as the whole Eneferens discography is very good and stories of pilfered gear and instruments are always disheartening. (I'm not even very good, but I'd be crushed if someone ran off with my Jackson electric guitar.)

The EP opens with an acoustic version of "Morning," the opening track from the project's last full-length record, In The Hours Beneath. It's a very strong rendition, featuring only the acoustic guitar and Jori's voice, and sets the tone for the remainder of the EP. This was the first track I heard and was instantly sold on the EP, and actually bought it right then and there. The tracks that follow are a self-explanatory "Improvisation In G Minor," the aforementioned cover of "Restless," and then ending with the purely instrumental "Wander." Every track is very raw and bare, the only production 'tricks' are some multi-tracked guitars and a good recording mic. Jori's voice comes off perfect, just a tad rough but still tuneful in the delivery.

In spite of the very unfortunate circumstances which lead to its record, Eventide EP is really quite good. At least something good came from such an unfortunate incident, and I am looking forward to see how the diversion of this acoustic EP influences future releases from Eneferens. The running time is about 18 minutes, which is just right for a project like this, as the material hits you emotionally and runs its course before anything gets tired or overdone. Acoustic projects have the daunting task of keeping things interesting with limited tools at the artist's disposal, but Eneferens is up to the task here.

This is a great little release for metal fans with an appreciation for melody and vastly different genres. I'm always keen to hear acoustic material from artists who typically dabble in more aggressive music and / or who are typically working with vast walls of sound. The stripped-down, raw aspect of this EP perfectly portrays what it must have felt to be the victim of a robbery. Even without directly addressing 'real life,' once you know the EP's backstory is seems so evident without having to try too hard to read between the lines. This EP doesn't ask for much of your time but it's well worth the expenditure.


Inspired by the theft of the project's instruments, Minnesota black metal project Eneferens drops an emotionally charged, expertly composed and recorded acoustic offering in Eventide EP. Featuring an acoustic interpretation of one of the project's more recent songs, a cover, and 2 brief, heavily melodic original compositions, this EP is a solid value and very enjoyable. A quick, heavy dose of emotion and 18 minutes later you can get on with your day. I highly reommend this EP and the rest of Eneferens' recorded work.

Album Information

Release date: July 25th, 2017
Record label: Nordvis Produktion

Jori Apedaile — everything

Track Listing

  1. Morning (Acoustic)
  2. Improvisation In G Minor
  3. Restless (40 Watt Sun cover)
  4. Wander


—by Derek

Published: September 2nd, 2018.