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ColdWorld — Nostalgia EP

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Released in tandem with the project's Interludium EP (review), the Nostalgia companion EP is — as the name would imply — an homage to the old school of black metal. Channeling the essence and sonic aesthetic (or lack thereof) of genre progenitors like Dark Throne and Emperor, this EP is 25 minutes of fast-paced, no-frills, traditional black metal. In a day and age where black metal has evolved and progressed so far beyond its inital configuration as to be completely alien by comparison, this record serves up 5 searing reminders of what things used to be like "back in the day."

The EP does feature one synth interlude, in "The Dark Ages," but otherwise the rest of the material is distorted, buzzsaw guitars and clanging, rickety drums that evoke the feeling of a mine cart precariously rattling apart as it speeds along the track. Nostalgia is just drenched in the nihilistic rage and aesthetic of kvlt black metal without going overboard with intentionally bad production. The recordings have a raw feeling to them, but without sounding like a rehearsal recorded on an answering machine that was stashed inside of a metal trash can. The mix is abbrassive and the production tweaks minimal, but the overall recording quality makes for a highly listenable album, just lacking the excessive studio polish of the digital age of recording.

While the concept of a throwback black metal record is hardly a novel concept, it is one that gets executed with mixed results. Sometimes the resulting material is an homage to a bygone era of the underground metal community, while other times it yields little more than intentionally unlistenable recordings and a lot of wasted time. Nostalgia lands in the former catgeory, as it doses the material in just the right amounts. The only thing that some purists might argue is that the use of synths disqualifies this EP from being "kvlt," to which I'm going to suggest that you just go listen to Blaze In The Northern Sky and Deathcrush and shut up. Besides, after about a minute of synth intro, the record opens with piercing guitar feedback and a textbook black metal progression.

I appreciate this project for both its ability to execute on the concept of kicking out some old school, blackened jams, and for doing it without falling into the typical traps of such endeavours. The pacing of the EP is perfect, and the material is really tight, concise and engaging. Cutting the instrumental out, Nostalgia is 23 minutes of throwback black metal with the added benefit of a decent production job. Not an essential release, but something I do recommend to those who can appreciate the roots of the black metal genre and the groups who paved the way for the genre's massive expansion and eventual acceptance of outside influences.


A black metal record titled Nostalgia; it does what it says on the can — but without descending into tedious monotony or quickly becoming a one-note joke. For those who love old timey black metal without any of the disparate unrelated genres that bands are throwing into the mix these days, Nostalgia is exactly the release for you. This is a quick hit of kvlt; the EP wastes little time, assaulting the listener with quality riffs and almost endless fury. What this EP lacks in innovation it more than makes up for in execution.

Album Information

Release date: July 23rd, 2018
Record label: Independent

Georg Börner — vocals, guitar, bass, drums, programming

Track Listing

  1. Cosmos Devourer
  2. Demon Speed
  3. The Dark Ages
  4. Let The Devil In
  5. Silva Nigra


—by Derek

Published: October 31st, 2018.