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Site Archives

The following is a growing archive of all content posted to The Rickety Old Shack. All new postings will be linked here, and older content will be slowly put back up. The site's focus and quality standard has changed a lot over its existence — quite a lot of content will likely remain offline forever.

Combat Sports

Primarily focused on the world of mixed martial arts, the occasional article about boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and various other combat sports may also appear on the site.


Opinion articles covering the combat sports industry, with a heavy focus on the UFC their dealings with fighters.

Fight Notes

A combination of analysis and commentary, this series of articles provides a recap and review of major MMA fight cards with a heavy focus on the UFC.

Pre / Post-Fight Thoughts

A collection of pre-fight and post-fight opinions. These are light on technical analysis and, as the name implies, are general thoughts on various title fights and their implications in the Big Picture. Typically these cover UFC title fights but any fight in any discipline is possible.


Content covering gaming on consoles, PC, and tabletop, with a heavy focus on Magic: The Gathering.


Op-eds and longform articles covering games in general as well as issues relevant to the gaming community at large.


Postings on more-or-less every possible genre of music, the primary focus is on extreme metal — and its various offshoots — but almost everything has the potential to appear in this section.

Album Reviews

Reviews of music albums spanning a wide variety of genres, heavily leaning towards underground metal and its incalculable sonic niches.


Opinion editorials and sundry pieces focusing on everything from the music industry to feature articles on specific bands.

Live Show Reviews

Exactly what it says on the can: reviews of live shows from the opening act to the final encore.


Commentary on Canadian and global politics addressing a wide range of issues.


Postings concerning all manner of television shows, both new and old, and including programming exclusive to various streaming networks.


Reviews of full seasons of TV series. (NOTE: The format for articles in this section is currently under review.)