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About The Shack

For 2 decades, The Rickety Old Shack has existed in one form or another. Originally started as web-based 'zine site in the late 90s, covering RTS games and professional wrestling, before transitioning to music and movies. The site has experienced long stretches of inactivity from 2005 until this most recent re-launch in August, 2017. The purpose of this site is to house the personal writing of its owner, and features content covering a wide variety of subjects. All topics are fair game, but currently the main focus is music reviews and MMA op-ed columns.

About The Author

Author picture, Derek Hamilton

Derek Hamilton

I have been a hobbyist writer, graphic and web designer for over 22 years. I have run or contributed to dozens of websites throughout my life, although all of them have faded from public memory at this point. I have written regular columns about professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, music and movies reviews and have interviewed professionals in various fields. I have written op-eds on just about any subject at one point or another.

Job Title: Chief Executive Awesomer
Twitter: @ricketyoldshack
Age: 35