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About The Rickety Old Shack

Originally founded in 1996, under another name and focused on writing about the RTS game StarCraft, The Rickety Old Shack has undergone a lot of change over its existence. Initially started as a personal website, it grew to include contributions from other writers — peaking at 4 extra staff members — before reverting to a one-man show by the turn of the millennium. After bouncing from one free hosting gig to another, the original domain was procured in 2000 and moved to its own paid hosting.

The majority of the site's old content is either extremely old and irrelevant, not up to the quality standard I would sign my name to, or some combination of both. The site was started when I was 13 years old — to no one's surprise, my views and writing capabilities have changed a lot since then. The Rickety Old Shack has always been independently run and ad free, and there are no plans to change that.

The site's current iteration is very open and free-form. If there is a subject I feel compelled to write about, my efforts will be published here. The topics which dominate most of my time are music, politics and mixed martial arts, but my interests are quite varied overall. From time to time, there may be guest features from other authors as opportunities present themselves. Unless otherwise noted, these are the ramblings of some jackass from Canada named 'Derek.'

About The Author

Derek Hamilton

I have been a hobbyist writer, graphic and web designer for over 23 years. I have run or contributed to dozens of websites throughout my life, although all of them have faded from memory at this point. I have written regular columns about professional wrestling, music reviews and interviews, and op-eds on just about any subject at one point or another.

Position: Chief Executive Awesomer
Twitter: @ricketyoldshack
Age: 34