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Welcome to The Rickety Old Shack. This site features op-ed articles on a variety of subjects, music and movie reviews, and is updated several times each week.

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Yet Another Progress Report | February 28th, 2018

The past month has been quite good for keeping the site updated, making for a solid 6 months this place has been open without any long-term content droughts. There is a bunch of stuff still coming, and I found another archive of old reviews and articles I need to sift through. There is less old stuff I want to re-post than I originally thought; not that there isn't a lot of old, offline material, but you can tell it's 15+ years old. I do plan on posting a few old reviews, and contrasting them with my current opinions on their subjects, but the old op-ed columns and interviews are most likely never coming back.
Posted by: Derek

Site Progress Report | February 4th, 2018

There is still a lot of stuff in the works, but I figure I should post some sort of an update in the interim. As can be seen, the pace of updates has picked up somewhat, and I am looking to maintain this consistency for as long as possible. The majority of the forthcoming content is music reviews, as I continue to get the remainder of my archives online, and work through some newer releases I happen to feel strongly about.

I've made some tweaks to the HTML design of the site, and split of the new posts into the "article" and "review" categories. I may break things down further, when I get more categories, but for now those should suffice. Please let me know if the 3-column table doesn't render properly in your browser (include your browser and screen resolution), I tried to test it on as many setups as possible.
Posted by: Derek

A Very Quick Update | January 19th, 2018

Just a quick note that there is a bunch of stuff coming down the pipe. I have some articles about a number of subjects coming, as well as music reviews. Sorry for the delay, it's been a very hectic week.
Posted by: Derek

Ringing In The New Year | January 8th, 2018

The holidays are now rapidly fading in the rear-view mirror, and my schedule has reverted to a more normal configuration. I have a lot of work planned, and hope to be rolling out a lot of new postings in the next few months — and not just a continual series of "stay tuned" updates.

The first order of business is finishing the re-posting of archived material. That is going to continue to be a slow-trickle, as I compile reviews of newer material, and gives me a buffer for weeks where I end up strapped for time. I was shocked to realise that my "How To Make A Death Metal Band" article is coming up on its 16-year anniversary; I can't remember for certain, but I believe I originally wrote it for White Trash Devil, back in 2002.

If you're looking for more variety in the music I review, and articles on other subjects, then keep checking back every few days.
Posted by: Derek