Yeah, I'm A Vinyl Douche Bag Now

This technically began with Christmas, 2019, when I whimsically asked for a copy of my all-time favourite Godspeed You Black Emperor album, F# A# ∞ on vinyl.

I got the LP, unaware that it had a different mix than the CD version I had been accustomed to for the past 2 decades. After listening to the record, I was sold on the whole concept of collecting music on vinyl. I can hear you rolling your eyes already — and, hey, fair enough — but hear me out...

While I consider my hearing to be very good, especially for my age, I am not any sort of "audiophile." I can appreciate the sound coming from anything that isn't a blown or otherwise distorted speaker. Going to the effort of acquiring a receiver, a turntable and some speakers is what resonated with me.

There is a difference in the sound of a vinyl record, although I can't say it's better or worse. There is, however, something unique to the process of actually pulling an LP out of a record collection, putting it on the turntable, and listening to it; it feels more personally invested than gorging on the firehose of online streaming services.

My only lament is the cost of the hobby; I'm having to be a lot more choosy than I want to be. The prevalence of streaming as the means of consuming music has resulted in a steady decline in the amount of physical music product made available. A lot of stuff is limited edition, with no guarantee of re-presses, which leads to a constant struggle with the fear of missing out.

Today, I stopped in at my local record store and picked up Pantera's major label debut, Cowboys From Hell, the only album of theirs (besides the critically panned Reinventing The Steel) that I did not already own in any format. It sounds great, and I'm very happy with my choice.

Published: February 28th, 2021.