Slacking On My Gaming (What?)

The title is one of those joking-not-joking things. I'm actually getting somewhat annoyed with myself for starting some small gaming projects, and then completely abandoning them. (This is separate from coding projects involving making games, although I could make the same complaints there too... Okay, sensing a theme here.)

I've been meaning to complete a playthrough of the very first Final Fantasy game for years now. I've always given up, lost my saves, or otherwise gotten distracted. I have not beaten the game since I was a child, when my brother, my dad and I worked as a team to complete the game.

I have a save going on my NES Classic that I need to get back to. I also need to get over myself, find a guide, and figure out where to go — we've established my memory for the game is awful, and the clues from the NPCs are ... not great.

The other big item on my list is Baldur's Gate. I bought the Enhanced Edition of it and the sequel some years back, but I have yet to put much time into them. I never owned Baldur's Gate, but we had the sequel. Twice, I almost beat the sequel, but suffered computer failures. The original game pre-dates Windows XP, and routinely crashed on my Windows 7 machine.

The Enhanced Editions have been a real boon, but I need to get myself accustomed to the interface and the games. The first game is a bit of a slog due to the low level of the characters, but I also haven't gotten very far either. This is another instance where I think reading up on the game, and finding a guide will benefit me immensely. I can go exploring randomly once I've opened up more of the damn game.

I'm going to check back on this in a month and see how full of shit I was here. I hope to report significant progress!

Published: February 24th, 2021.