More Like Bad Friday

After a busy week at work, it is nice to have a long weekend. It sucks that today will be the last day I can go the gym for the near future. There was some talk among the trainers about gyms trying to find some kind of exception or loophole, but I have concerns with that: 1) I doubt the viability of any such plan; 2) the daily case counts are getting high enough that I don't want to be in a gym anyway.

While I trust myself to take proper precautions, such as washing my hands and face prior to working out, wearing a mask the whole time, washing my hands and face before changing and leaving, wiping down all the equipments, etc, I have absolutely no faith in the average person. Motherfuckers are dumb and lazy; while I concede that humans are terrible at risk assessment, I like to think I'm operating within reasonable parameters. I also don't go anywhere else, save for quick, distanced trips to the grocery store as few times as necessary per week.

We're allegedly going to be "shutdown" for 4 weeks. I highly doubt this projection, given the half-assed nature of this set of restrictions. The schools will continue to circulate the virus, the numbers will continue to climb all the way up to the April 12th break, and they won't have dropped in any meaningful way by the end of the month. Maybe the vaccination campaign will make some kind of dent by then, but that too has been marred by bungling and ineptitude.

I'm going to try and maintain the same training volume, even if I don't have access to really heavy weights. My weight loss regimen has been slowly paying off, so I am motivated to continue down this path. At least the weather is vastly improved, so I can run outside now.

Published: April 2nd, 2021.