We Have Six Flavours Of Restriction

The Ontario government's COVID-19 response continues to deliver more sardonic half-measures. I have no idea what would have changed in the 24 hours between today and yesterday, when the promise of "an announcement" was made, but here we are. The province is going to enter a sixth, previously unmentioned tier of restriction, a "shutdown."

I mockingly said the following on Twitter, just a day ago:

I wonder what Doug's going to announce tomorrow. I feel like some kind of lockdown. Good chance they invent a new kind, maybe a Super Lockdown. Or a Tight Lockdown. We need to outpace COVID variants with new types of lockdown.

The only difference between the "shutdown" and "red zone," which Ottawa was already in, is that you can't dine indoors and gyms are closed. The schools will remain open, despite ever-increasing numbers of outbreaks, and retail stores can all remain open. Not only will this achieve little if any transmission, it's going to continue to exhaust the public's tolerance for these measures. This is the worst kind of incompetent leadership.

Published: April 1st, 2021.