For The Record

I have to exercise some restraint for the rest of the month, but I picked up a pair of records I have wanted in my collection for a very long time. I'm not a very materialistic person, but record collecting is one of those pursuits that is very much constrained by my modest budget.

Since Legend Records re-opened, their store has been restocked and reorganized, so it's basically like discovering a brand new store as I go through the various record bins. I still have yet to go through the CD section, because every time I do end up spending $20 or more regardless of what I tell myself beforehand.

I was initially going to get a vinyl copy of the fourth Run The Jewels album, as I had my eye on it before the last provincial lockdown, but then I happened to see they had Pantera's Cowboys From Hell . Ironically, it's my favourite release in the band's discography and I have never owned it. Somehow lost my MP3s as well. I still need a CD copy, for that collection, but the vinyl record is kind of perfect for the moment — since the LP collection is currently reserved for select new releases and my absolute favourite classic albums.

It's taken me two decades, more or less, to finally enjoy the music of Pantera without is evoking memories of all the douche bags I took shit from on music forums. Is it unfair to dismiss a band because their fans suck? Sure. The takeaway from that should be to not be a shitty fan, though!

The other LP I picked up was Tool's first full-length, Undertow. I've only heard the album in full a few times, and also lost my MP3s so longer ago that I am only somewhat certain I even had them, and discovered them only a few months before Lateralus released. I really like the no-frills nature of it, as you can tell the band is still developing their unique style and sound. All the ingredients of the later records are there, it's not like they weren't always really fuckin' good.

The closing track to Undertow hit a deep nostalgic nerve. "Disgustipated" has a goofy monologue, including a line about the "cries of the carrots." That was the name my good friend Quinn (RIP) chose for our small World Of WarCraft guild — specifically in reference to that track. Such is my lack of familiarity with the record that I was surprised when it started; I wish I could pretend that I thought it was exclusive to the CD release but I have no idea if that's true.

I'm already plotting a lot of purchases for next month. It is impossible to own enough good music.

Published: March 6th, 2021.