Kind of Hyped For Fights?

Today is UFC 259 and, while there is still the lack of a Big Fight Day feeling, I am happy that this week's offering is more than just another heaping pile of Content with a vague hint divisional intrigue in the matchmaking.

The whole notion of a double-champ is so thorough bereft of meaning after Conor McGregor's charade with the featherweight and lightweight title belts.

Daniel Cormier's indulgence was less of an issue, given how awful light heavyweight and heavyweight are as divisions — there was no logjam per se.

Henry Cejudo just muddier the already murky waters of flyweight and bantamweight with his dual-belt attempt, and then retired immediately after.

Lastly, we have Amanda Nunes, who can easily shoulder a pair of titles because women's featherweight isn't a division, it's a list of 5 fighters, all of but one of which is just a bantamweight who will opt to just not cut weight. The featherweight belt just means there's an excuse to book Nunes in more title fights. (This is totally fine.)

So, pardon me if the potential for Israel Adesanya to become a member of champ-champ club doesn't have any appeal to me. Hell, I don't give a shit about the fight at all, but it's an excuse to see Izzy fight and that's good enough for me.

I don't care enough about light heavyweight to do an analysis; it's very possible that Jan Blachowicz is being overlooked due to how good Adesanya has looked and how bad light heavyweight is as a whole. Still, one must remember how fundamentally stupid the sport of MMA is; an elite striker like Izzy getting bodied by a lumbering oaf like Blachowicz is the sort of mind-boggling absurdity that the sport is built on.

Fuck it, there's no reason Jan won't somehow end up the only dual champ to emerge out of this. Maybe he goes on to beat Jon Jones for the heavyweight title in 2022. Why the fuck not?

Oh, and barring freak accident or injury, Amanda Nunes is going to demolish Megan Anderson.

Published: March 6th, 2021.