Album Of The Day (February 15th-19th)

Each week day (holidays excluded), I post an album to my Twitter feed. There is usually some sort of vague theme to the chosen titles, although not always. The only requirement for selections is that they have to be at least 10 years old.

This week's selections are another bunch of throwbacks to the early days of my online writing and some of my old friends. The Trouble record stands alone as just a random dart I threw. I thought they were a totally different band; I'm honestly not even sure what I thought they sounded like — but it wasn't Kill 'Em All era Metallica crossed with Black Sabbath. That was a nice surprise for me as well!

The AFI and Anti-Flag albums reminded me that I have yet to give the punk genre any sort of real attention. Aside from those two bands, both of which I discovered thanks to friends and roommates, I really don't listen to anything else even close. I've had an itch to listen to Propagandhi for a while now, so we shall see where that leads me.

As always, stay tuned!

—by Derek

Published: February 19th, 2021.