Album Of The Day (January 25th-29th)

Each week day (holidays excluded), I post an album to my Twitter feed. There is usually some sort of vague theme to the chosen titles, although not always. The only requirement for selections is that they have to be at least 10 years old.

As promised last week, I dug out some non-metal albums for this round of selections. I didn't put any special emphasis on years or any other kind of theme. The vast majority of these have been faithful standbys in my music collection.

album cover Apathy
Eastern Philosophy
One of the many collaborators with Army Of The Pharaohs and other Jedi Mind Tricks associates, this early 2000s offering is a bit of a time capsule but still features strong lyricism and catchy flows. Apathy's body of work has grown considerably since this record's release, but I find myself coming back to it a lot.
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album cover DJ Muggs x GZA
One of the less prolific members of the Wu-Tang Clan, GZA teams with industry legend DJ Muggs for a cerebral-yet-accessible project with a heavy chess theme. Dotted with features from fellow Wu-Tang members, this often overlooked record easily belongs in the company of titles like Liquid Swords.
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album cover VNV Nation
The companion to my favourite VNV Nation record, Empires, the material on this album flows perfectly from that release. "Beloved" is an all-time classic song in the band's repretoire and the rest of the album is packed full of bangers. An essential piece of an impressive and large discography.
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album cover Cynic
A foundational record in the progressive metal world, featuring the legendary drumming skills of Sean Reinert. A fusion of progressive, jazz and traditional rock drumming, Focus showed Reinert had far more to offer the percussion world than simply contributing to one of the most celebrated death metal albums of all time. This album features tremendous performances from the whole band.
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album cover Bottom
Feels So Good When You're Gone
Super loud, fuzzed out riffs backed by a massive bass sound. Strong Motörhead-meets-Zepplin vibes emanate from this underrated stoner rock gem. Bottom was one of the many bad-ass bands on the roster of the short-lived — but much loved — Man's Ruin Records. A quality band; this record is a great entry point to their discography.
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Aside from the Cynic record, everything else on the list is stuff I have listened to a lot over the years. A YouTube channel called Drumtalk posted an hour-long tribute dedicated to Sean Reinert, and that prompted me to the revisit Focus. Until his sudden death, he was always a name that came up in the periphery, but I never *cough* focused on him much — much to my detriment, really.

—by Derek

Published: January 29th, 2021.