Albums Of The Day (January 18th-22nd)

Each week day (holidays excluded), I post an album to my Twitter feed. There is usually some sort of vague theme to the chosen titles, although not always. The only requirement for selections is that they have to be at least 10 years old.

Following last week's old school deep dive, we've got another selection of 5 albums from disparate genres and decades. My initial experience with most of these bands harkens back to 1999-2000. I signed up for when it first launched, it was a sweet deal at a fixed price per month for "all you can eat" music downloads. They had a massive catalogue of albums and I made great use of my household's brand new broadband Internet connection.

album cover Pigface
Notes From Thee Underground
The Pigface project has been a revolving door of musicians since its inception, with roots deep in the industrial scene. Featuring the earworm "Fuck It Up," and an extensive list of performers, Notes From Thee Underground still holds up today. No two Pigface records sound very much alike, which has it's pros and cons, but this album remains a personal favourite even decades after discovering it.
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album cover In Flames
Depending on who you ask, arguably the last good In Flames album. This is, of course, absurd, but it is somewhat understandable given the quality of Clayman as a record. Catchy riffs, tight song-writing and the legendary Fredrick Nordstrom guitar sound — it's easy to see why this album still excites people to this day. I don't know why you'd want them to record another album exactly like this; they got it right the first time.
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album cover Sunn O)))
Black One
There are two things that instantly get my attention: black metal and Sunn O))). This project combines the two in perfect amounts, featuring not only Sunn O)))'s first collaboration with Attila Csihar as well as contributions from Wrest (Leviathan) and Malefic (Xasthur). Everything about this record hits the intended mark, and the Bathory tribute-slash-cover is incredibly unique.
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album cover Darkthrone
Ravishing Grimness
Darkthrone have undergone a number of style changes throughout their 30 year existence. Ravishing Grimness features the band deep in their first black metal phase, with a great album that also boasts some of their best production to date. The classic albums have their 'kvlt' bonafides and rustic appeal, but efforts like this show the band's continual development. An overlooked entry in a vast and impressive discography.
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album cover Possessed
Seven Churches
There are classic death metal albums and then there is Seven Churches, featuring the genre's namesake song. Possessed were at the forefront of the genre, expanding on the framework of thrash but adding a gruff, harder edge to the vocals. It would be almost a decade before other bands further developed the style and implement the "Cookie Monster vocals" now synonymous with the genre.
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Just as I lamented the lost opportunity to see Pestilence live in 2020, I am also reminded that Possessed were also on that tour date. The COVID-19 pandemic also scuttled plans for Pigface to resume touring after a short run of dates in 2019 ended a long hiatus.

Sunn O))) recently re-pressed their Flight Of The Behemoth record, which prompted me to dig out Black One. I wish all of their discography was more readily available on vinyl.

Next week, I am aiming for a non-metal selection of albums. After hauling out my Pigface albums, I ended up going down an industrial rabbit hole. Stay tuned!

—by Derek

Published: January 22nd, 2021.