Albums Of The Day (January 11th-15th)

Each week day (holidays excluded), I post an album to my Twitter feed. There is usually some sort of vague theme to the chosen titles, although not always. The only requirement for selections is that they have to be at least 10 years old.

This week's theme is very loose, it's just some old school albums that either deserve a semi-regular acknowledgement or largely flew under the radar when they were originally released.

album cover Pestilence
Consuming Impulse
The band's second full-length album, marking their shift to a death metal style after initially trading in a dirty brand of thrash. This all-time genre classic put the band on the map internationally. Martin Van Drunen (bass / vocals) would later leave the band to join Asphyx in 1990. The band has dissolved several times over the years but currently remains active.
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album cover Celtic Frost
Morbid Tales
The band's debut EP, which has been re-packaged and re-issued numerous times, and now includes the band's second EP, Emperor's Return. A crucial album in the development of black and death metal, and a true classic release. You can hear the primordial elements of modern extreme music in the band's aggressive style of thrash and barked vocals. This record is cited by countless musicians as having inspired them.
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album cover Arcturus
Aspera Hiems Symfonia
Initially a black metal 'supergroup,' this is the last recording to feature Ulver's Kristoffer Rygg. This line-up also boasts Mayhem's Hellhammer, as well as members of Kovenant and Winds. While the project abandoned the black metal style completely on subsequent albums, the heavy progressive influences on this record made that somewhat unsurprising. Another gem that was underappreciated in its time.
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album cover Murder Squad
Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged
Members of Entombed and Dismember team up and pay homage to the death metal pioneers in Autopsy. This project doesn't just wear its influences, it waves them like a battle flag. This particular fusion of classic death metal and Swedish production values makes for a winning combination.
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album cover Limbonic Art
Moon In The Scorpio
After shedding the rest of the line-up, musicians Daemon and Morfeus cooked up this incredibly unique, experimental black metal record in the mid-90s. One of the progenitors of the atmospheric black metal genre, Moon In The Scorpio combines synths and drum machines with traditional guitars and wretched vocals. In it's day, the genre was more focused on atonal 'kvlt' bands who recorded albums on answering machines.
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I was going to see Pestilence live, last year, but everything shut down before that happened. I'm still very bitter about the loss of live music, along with everything else COVID-19 has destroyed.

Expect more albums from the 80s and early 90s in forthcoming lists, as I reacquiant myself with bands and albums I haven't listened to in nearly 2 decades.

—by Derek

Published: January 15th, 2021.