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UFC 236 Looks … Okay

Not that it’s going to prevent me from watching it, but the line-up for this weekend’s UFC 236 fight card is pretty dubious. Outside of the main and co-main event fights, there’s not a whole lot of match-ups that I am actively looking forward to.

There’s Jouban / Grant, Turner / Frevola, Reis / Pantoja and Millender versus Muhammad, as far as fights I’m interested in. The rest, I just hope to be entertained despite my low expectations.

I would not go so far as to say this is the absolute worst undercard the UFC has ever attached to a pay-per-view, but it’s still quite weak. Lacking in name value, it’s hard to psych myself up for this one. (That’s where the inertia of obsessive fandom comes in, I suppose.)

I’ll be writing up my pre and post-fight thoughts for the two “title” fights, and the usual Fight Notes.

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