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I Finally Tried Dominion

My friend whom I try out various board and card games with finally gave me an opportunity to try Dominion. For the past several years, whenever we’d try a new game that had any passing similarities with it, I’d inevitably get asked “have you played Dominion?” Until now, the answer was always ‘no.’

We managed to get 3 games in, and I’m quite hooked on it. It’s a very simple deck-building game, and I can definitely see why it’s so popular. The game scratches all the right itches, and the gameplay is very fast — you’re not spending a lot of time waiting for your turn and you almost always have something to do on your turn.

I’m looking forward to playing it more and getting familiar with the rest of the cards. I ended up winning 2-1 on the night, but I would have enjoyed the game just as much had I lost. The rules are very simple and straight-forward; I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick 2-player game that scales up to 4 very well.

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