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Aeon’s End: Buried Secrets

We picked up this new expansion, or add-on — I am honestly not sure what descriptor is correct — for Aeon’s End. We were somewhat disappointed that it didn’t include any new nemesis monsters to fight, and we’re pretty sure the new nemesis cards are just the contents of Aeon’s End: Legacy, but the new spells, relics and gems are interesting. We didn’t remember any of the supply cards from the expansion, at any rate.

We decided to try fighting the existing nemeses we have, just with completely random supply piles. We ended up getting thoroughly clobbered by the Rageborn in our first game, so we dug out our campaign characters and, even with a random series of supply piles, we absolutely annihilated the nemesis. I knew our characters were strong but they appear to be ridiculously overpowered.

We’re going to continue experimenting until the The New Age product comes out.

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