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UFC Moves All US Pay-Per-Views To ESPN+

This came out of nowhere, but it’s actually very big news. The UFC announced that US customers will have to purchase the company’s pay-per-view events exclusively through ESPN+. Customers outside of the United States — which includes me, a Canadian — will see no change to the current ordering process. This is good for me, as: 1) I am not subscribing to yet another streaming service; 2) you can’t even buy ESPN+ in Canada yet.

How this affects the UFC is unknown, but they will be keeping a much larger cut from PPV sales — and they seem to have no intention of reducing the price. Currently, PPV purchases are discounted by $5, which is the cost of ESPN+ for the month, and they are offering a package for $79.99 which includes 1 PPV and a year-long subscription to the service. I would expect more bundles like that to be offered in the future.

This is a big deal, and one I will likely write an article about on The Shack. It doesn’t affect me directly, but the implications of this change are broad and will affect both fans and fighters in many ways. I’m going to wait for more details to shake out, before casting judgement.

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