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Good Fights Today

Man, the ESPN era of the UFC is starting off on the right foot. So far, we’ve had mostly hits in terms of events, good pacing on the broadcasts, and today’s midday show — emanating from London, England — was both fun and over by 7:10pm EST. I could not ask for much more!

I don’t know if ESPN is acting specifically on the resounding hatred MMA fans had for the “FS1 pacing” we endured for the past few years, or if common sense simply prevailed, but I am really liking this and hope it continues.

I summed most of my thoughts up regarding UFC Fight Night 147 in my Fight Notes column (link), but I’d like say how criminally underrated Jorge Masvidal was in this fight. According to a few people on my Twitter feed, Till was a consensus -250 favourite on most sports books, which is just absurd to contemplate. Darren Till is a good fighter, but I think he’s been vastly overrated considering his primary weapon is his size. Masvidal loses close decisions, but someone who tries to get up in his grill tends to bring out the finisher in Jorge — as we found out today.

Masivdal’s hallway brawl with Leon Edwards was not the best look, but I question Edwards’ judgement in trying to get physical with a fighter who got his start in backyard brawls against Team Kimbo members “back in the day.” What did he expect would happen? Anyway, I can’t wait to see the footage of the altercation — which Dana White did a bad job pretending he was upset about — replayed 1,000 times in promo videos for the inevitable Masvidal / Edwards bout.

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