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Even More Codex

My friend and I have gone back to playing Codex, and we still manage to make a bunch of errors regarding the game rules. I believe we’ve got them figured out now — for real, this time.

I got rolled last week, but this time managed to pull through. Our game ran a lot longer this week, and due to a mix of bad weather and worse traffic, we only had time for one game. I played the purple faction, and narrowly edged out the win when I used my Tech III unit to just bounce my opponent’s army and finish him off. He was playing the blue faction, and looked to be easily on his way to crushing me with flying units, and a spell that made another unit a copy of a flying one I had trouble with throughout the game. I won the game with a single life-point remaining; it was tense, but I got it done.

We’re probably going to play with the game for a bit longer, although there is an expansion for Aeon’sĀ End we’ll be checking out soon, so that plan could change.

Codex continues to be, even if I feel like I need to be more aggressive (somehow) as my gaming partner is way more pro-active than I am and it showed in their results.

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