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I’ve largely ignored this issue, waiting for more details to emerge. We only seem to have scratched the surface, but it appears that Justin Trudeau’s government has shot itself in the foot at the most inopportune time — with the next federal election to be held later this year.

The TL;DR is that the Prime Minister and some of his party allegedly tried to pressure former Attorney General Jodie Wilson-Raybould to drop a corruption and fraud case against Quebec-based SNC-Lavalin. This is, to be mild, bad and if true would mean the Liberal government literally stepped right into trap — left in plain-sight no less — left by the previous Progressive Conservative government.

Trudeau is expected to issue a statement in the next few days. I am very keen to hear it. I begrudgingly voted for Trudeau during the 2015 election, because we have no left-wing party to speak of. I figured he’d do some things I don’t like, legalise marijuana and coast to re-election provided he didn’t do anything exceptionally dumb.


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