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Casual FNM – 2019-03-01

After not playing for the whole month of February, I finally got a chance to get some games of Commander in this week. We were 5, so we only had time for 2 games but I managed to win both of them so I have zero complaints.

The first game was won by my black-white Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck. Oddly enough, it’s my deck that packs the most removal — and almost exclusively exile effects at that — and yet I didn’t draw any of them until the very last few turns of the game, even with drawing 2 extra cards thanks to a Font of Mythos. I was able to destroy a Keening Stone before it milled me out and then finished by last opponent off with a combination of Obzedat, Ghost Council and Elspeth, Knight-Errant.

The second game saw my Esper-coloured Sharuum the Hegemon deck draw very badly but still manage to steal the win. I had a Vedalken Shackles for half of the game and only saw an Island in the final few turns. I had an Ashes of the Fallen (naming “Myr”) and never got to use it with Myr Reservoir.

I would have won much quicker had I played properly; there was a turn where I attacked with my Creeping Tar Pit, which was equipped with a Cranial Plating that was granting +10/+0, and then I cast Damnation after — instead of before — combat. I almost lost because of that, by one of my last 2 remaining opponents misplayed as well and gave me a chance to kill him and force the last player to concede.

I hope to play more in the coming months, and get my decks modified before the summer. I know War Of The Spark is out on May 3rd, and I’m also looking forward to another draft as well.

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