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Aeon’s End: Legacy – Part 5

Our suspicions that our campaign characters were too overpowered held true. We did a test battle against the Fungal Mesh, to reclaim some dignity after our frustrating losses to that particular nemesis during the campaign. We easily demolished the Fungal Mesh, ending the battle with practically all of our hit points and Gravehold nearly maxed out as well.

Next we decided to take on the Wraithmonger, since we had never been able to beat it in about a half-dozen attempts. We eventually gave up on it, and only considered revisiting it after we’d learned of the Legacy campaign.

For the most part, even the Wraithmonger was no match for us. There was one moment where we almost lost, because the nemesis took multiple turns in a row and triggered effects that almost made us auto-lose. Luckily the effects had options, so we chose the one that didn’t result in us instantly going from a commanding lead to instant death. This was the sort of thing that made it impossible before we had enhanced characters.

We still won, however; the biggest advantage we had was the new cards for the supply pile we used. My friend and I were enabling each other to draw ridiculous amounts of cards, nullifying any card disadvantage the effects of the Fungal Mesh and Wraithmonger inflicted us with.

At this point, I think we’ve done pretty much all we can with Aeon’sĀ End. The next option is to build randomised supply piles and / or try fighting the existing nemesis monsters with their increased difficulty rules. Some of those increased difficulty rules seem impossible to overcome with the characters we built and the custom supply piles we’ve determined to be the optimal configuration.

We’ll see what happens. We’re probably going to go back to playing Codex for the next few weeks.

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