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Matt Hughes Served With Restraining Orders From Wife And Brother

While I have never been a fan of Matt Hughes, even after his truck was hit by a train, but the recent developments surrounding the former UFC welterweight champion are rather disturbing. According to Bloody Elbow, reporting on information initially released by TMZ, Hughes was served with a restraining order from both his wife and his brother, Mark Hughes.

The details are as follows:

The first allegation against Hughes relates to an incident his wife claimed occurred in either September or October 2017. In court documents she alleged that’s when Hughes attacked her after she refused to give him his truck keys.

During that alleged incident Hughes is accused of choking his wife, asking for the code to the family’s gun vault, and smashing his wife’s head into a shower wall when she refused to divulge the information.

Hughes’ wife also alleged that on July 21st, 2018 Hughes told her, “I’m going to fucking shoot you.” She alleged that this was because she had taken his phone away after she suspected he was messaging other women.

The next attack alleged by Hughes’ wife is dated December 12th, 2018. It’s then, she claimed, Hughes hit her in front of their son, daughter, and her step-father after she accused him of texting other women.

The restraining order was filed on December 13th, 2018.

Mark Hughes, Hughes’ twin brother, was also granted a restraining order against Hughes. His restraining order detailed an incident in which Hughes is alleged to have gotten angry at seeing Mark Hughes’ 15-year-old son driving a tractor. Hughes is alleged to have grabbed and shaken the teen while yelling that the tractor belonged to him.

A week after this confrontation Hughes is also alleged to have poured gasoline on and around the tractor in an attempt to destroy the vehicle. Mark Hughes filed his restraining order on October 1st, 2018.

None of this particularly surprises me, due to a combination of Hughes’ always coming off as incredibly unlikable in every setting. Also, the contents of his own book — which he helped write — were extremely disturbing. You can read a full breakdown of the book here, and here are some choice bits from the link:

Chapter 4

Matt cheats his way through college getting A’s in classes he proudly says he never attended. He and the other wrestlers bully everybody at Lincoln Junior College, and break a bunch of shit. They tip over people’s cars, and flood the dorms on purpose. We reach a new low, when he also makes light of the fact that one of his college buddies could not read or write. He then takes time to bash Frank Trigg, saying that he “never became anything.”

Later it gets even more disturbing when he describes mutilating a live baby piglet by cutting off it’s testicles, and throwing them at a friend. For good measure he slits it’s stomach open as it screams wildly to “freak his friend out.” After he and Mark brutally torture and kill a dozen or so baby pigs, solely for entertainment, they starts throwing their testicles and body parts at each other. Matt even now still seems amused because his friend looked like he was going to vomit.

A family member shoots himself over a girl, and Matt skips the funeral decided to go to a wrestling meet instead. After getting drunk one night they take a bunch of girls “swimming” in some sort of pond/rain water/sewer runoff. There is a whirlpool that’s formed in the sewage pond, and Matt and 2 other drunk college kids get caught in the current. Matt pulls himself out but the 2 other kids drowned. He talks about how God saved him.(apparently God hated the other 2 drunk college kids) They feel so sorry for the 2 kids that died, that the same night the go out and get drunk again, and look for girls. They end up at a house party, and are having no luck with the girls, so they started eating food from the cabinets and refrigerator. When confronted by the home’s owner, they throw him through a window, and leave before the cops get there. Matt then starts fighting MMA and kicking everyone’s ass easily. Pat Miletich refs one of Matt’s fights, and is so impressed he invites him to train with them.

On a side note, for a guy who’s disgusted by the language Serra uses, I’ve counted 14 curse words to this point in the book.

I forgot in Chapter 4, him and Mark both make-out with the same 8th grade girl while they are in college. Why he would include that I have no idea. It had nothing to do with the story.

The book (titled Made in America: The Most Dominant Champion in UFC History) came out in 2008, so it’s far from new. Somehow, the contents of it never really broke into the mainstream news, despite the litany of disturbing revelations contained within it. It’s been known to MMA hardcores for a long time, however, and is the chief reason I didn’t feel more than token empathy when I heard he’d been hit by a train. Matt Hughes seems to be, categorically, a terrible person.

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