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As always, I have a bunch of things in the works for the main Shack site. My time gets spent in waves, and I’ve had a number of projects simmering for years now — and I don’t know if that will change much in the near future.

After finding some old reviews from when the Word Press blog was the sum total of the site, I’ve begun the process of cleaning them up. They’re decent, but suffer from the same minor issue I have with all of my work lately; they feel a bit too formal and somewhat blandly professional. Not that I want to go back to the crude, “Internet rant guy” voice that I used almost 2 decades ago, but I need to inject a bit more personality. This goes for my MMA writing as well.

I’m happy with the content I have posted, to a degree, but feel like I could be doing more to make things more entertaining. That’s part of the reason I do nothing to promote any of my web projects, I’m worried I’ll bore people — because no feedback is apparently better than bad feedback — and that is also something I need to get over.

The last 8 months have been very difficult, and I am still dealing with my ongoing eczema problem on my hands. The situation is improving, we’re just not anywhere near the finish line yet. The combination of limited use of my hands and this year’s harsh winter have not made things any easier. I will get through all of this, however.

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