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Aeon’s End: Legacy – Part 4

We were able to complete the campaign this evening. After a brief stumble against the Fungal Mesh, we absolutely steamrolled through the remainder of the campaign.

The combination of our characters becoming more powerful than the standard issue mages certainly helped, although the fights weren’t a total joke. We figured our an excellent strategy and the two of us play very well together, providing support when needed and generally always being on the same page in terms of strategy.

We actually managed to defeat the final boss, Xaxos, before he even got into the Tier 3 abilities. We were a bit shocked by that when we were putting the game away. Still, we had a lot of fun with the campaign and the whole Aeon’sĀ End: Legacy product was just as well-designed and packaged as its predecessor.

We’re going to possibly take a break from Aeon’s End next week, but we’ll be returning to the game. If nothing else, we intend to use our new, more powerful characters, to smash the Fungal Mesh and the Wraithmonger — the latter being a monster we never managed to defeat in the original game.

I highly recommend both games for anyone who wants to play a 2-player co-op game that is really unlike anything else out there. You can play with more players but 2 really seems optimal, with any other configuration being sketchy at best. (2/3 players have to share turns and that’s just not very appealing.)

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