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What To Do About Venezuela

I don’t have much of a take on this whole subject, mainly because political issues in South and Central America are very complex and not a subject I have much experience with. Derek Davison, of And That’s The Way It Was, posted a nice primer interview with Jared Abbot (link) on his Patreon, and you can check out another interview which was referenced during their talk.

The only strong opinion I have is that this situation is none of our business. Not the government of Canada’s and certainly — without equivocation — not the United States’ business. The history of the US interventions in South and Central America is fraught with horrific violence and human suffering, and it looks like Venezuela will be the next target of the US’s disturbing 80s revival shtick.

Venezuela is host to numerous governmental problems and the people of the country are suffering dearly for it, but nothing the US is going to do will alleviate that — they’re just going to facilitate another far-right regime change.

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