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More Aeon’s End: Legacy

We only got through the third chapter this week, but Aeon’s End: Legacy is proving to be just as fun as its predecessor. My friend was a bit delayed in arriving, and the setup for the game took a little while, so we had just enough time to finish the chapter — defeating the nemesis fairly handily. Things looked a bit dire until the final few turns, where our early-game decisions really paid off; we basically just went all-in on our special abilities and my partner had a lot of damage-dealing spells he could deploy each turn.

With the upgrades we are getting at the end of each chapter, I have a bit of concern that the game may end up being a little too easy for us. I’ll likely end up eating those words, as we’re not yet halfway through the game — and the introductory sections are, well, introductory and not meant to discourage new players right away. Regardless, any excuse to play more Aeon’s End is a good one in my books.

We won’t be playing next week, but should be able to finish the campaign in the following 4 weeks. Then we’ll get to mix our new characters in with the existing ones and give the base game another try.

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