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Great Fights Last Night

I am not about to comb through the archives, but I am pretty sure that UFC Fight Night 144 was the best TV card in as long as I can remember it. The show was full of finishes, a lot of action, and only 2 fights ended up being tedious grinds. The pacing of the show was excellent, unlike in the FOX era where a fight was allocated a full 30-minute time slot whether it ended with a 30-second KO or went to a decision.

This was obviously a bit of an outlier, as I expect the next few events will be good but likely will not feature the same quality of line-up as we got tonight. These days, the top 4 fights of the card could probably have been main events. Still, it was a great night of fights and something that I needed to keep the flame of fandom burning — last year was quite the grind.

As per usual, my Fight Notes column is up. Check it out if you missed any of the action.

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