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Aeon’s End: Legacy

My friend and I have acquired Aeon’s End: Legacy, and managed to get through the first 2 chapters this evening. As huge fans of the original Aeon’s End, this new campaign-based product has been really enjoyable.

We found the first 2 nemeses fairly easily, albeit with a few tense moments. The process of building up our characters is very interesting, and the concept of adding stickers to the existing game materials reminded me of Netrunner: Terminal Directive.

We’ve only just begun, so there’s a lot of the game left, so we’ll see how the rest of it plays. I’m expecting it to get more difficult as we progress through it. I’m also expecting us to do really well, as we figured out the first version of the game fairly quickly. That said, we still had a number of challenging games in spite of our well chosen supply piles and strategies.

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