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US Government Shutdown Continues

I haven’t had much to say about the United States government shutdown, as there’s very little to say beyond explaining that the Republicans, despite controlling every facet of government, were unable to come to an agreement that would allow funding bills to be passed and keep the government operating. Since December 22nd, federal government workers have been without pay, leading to a number of unfortunate side effects (aside from the obvious financial hardships felt by federal workers):

  • National parks overrun by litter and assholes (link).
  • Government TLS certificates expiring (link).
  • Airline delays due to a lack of TSA staff (link).
  • Potentially increased risk of fires in California (link).
  • Environmental and public health concerns (link).
  • Potential long-term economic harm (link).
  • Affects on American science (link).

And all of this is over President Alzheimer’s absurd demand for billions of dollars to fund a wall on the border with Mexico — an ineffectual, racist monument to defend a border that has seen fewer and fewer illegal crossings each year. Wonderful. I can’t wait to see what kind of a normal year 2019 turns out to be.

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