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Jon Jones Is At It Again

If you thought we were going to get to UFC 232 without some sort of nonsense transpiring, then think again. I just wrote up a small piece for The Shack (link) about Jon Jones’ latest drug-testing adventure. The TL;DR is that a test came back with an “atypical finding” and so now the UFC is pulling out all the stops to keep him in the main event. In this case, that means moving the entire event to California with 6 days left.

Considering USADA recently lost — or “lost” depending on how cynical you are — one of Brock Lesnar’s test samples, cut a deal with Jon Jones to reduce his suspension for a second failed test, and now they’re giving him a pass because apparently Turinabol can show up someone’s system over a year later. (To be fair, the amount found was in picograms, which is an exceptionally tiny unit of measurement.)

If I were any of the other fighters on the roster, I’d be pretty upset with USADA right now.

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