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A Long Weekend Of Fights

Last night’s UFC Fight Night was decent, although it took a while to pick up steam. The main card was good, though it was a bit rough watching Mark Hunt drop his record below .500 again — and lose a tepid decision to a pudgy nobody. That’s the fight game, though; rarely does anyone leave on their own terms, head held high. I suspect that Hunt will eventually sign with a non-UFC organisation and continue fighting, even if he shouldn’t. My Fight Notes are here.

I didn’t see the whole Tyson Fury / Deontay Wilder fight, but that knockdown in the final round is going to be a thing of legend. How Fury got up after a kill-shot like that, science will never explain.

Both UFC fight cards were fun, even if I do have complaints. Next weekend is going to be busy as well, with UFC 231 as well as some GLORY kickboxing going on. I’m still sorting out some personal health issues, so at least I have my diversions!

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