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Chuck / Tito 3 – Predictably Depressing

I’ve been on record since day 1 that Chuck Liddell should not be fighting, and I was far from the only one voicing this opinion. Seemingly, the only ones who either wanted — or were at least okay with the notion of — Chuck Liddell coming out of retirement were Chuck himself and Oscar De La Hoya. The latter was clearly just trying to make a quick buck, doing little to mask his utter ignorance of both the sport of MMA or even the two faded stars he built the event around. Chuck, meanwhile, seems to be suffering from a mixture of resentment for losing his UFC office job — the closest thing to a pension any fighter has gotten — and the enduring need to compete and train that afflicts all fighters.

I wrote up a Post-Fight Thoughts on the bout, and that covers the entirety of my thoughts on the whole event. I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to watch the event, but it’s always just a bit darker when you actually see it happen in real-time.

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