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A Feast Of Dubious MMA

Today’s MMA event calendar is pretty packed, and that doesn’t even require digging into the more obscure promotions. The UFC rang in their 25th anniversary with an early morning UFC Fight Night 141 taking place in Beijing, China. Later this evening, the Chuck -vs- Tito 3 event will go ahead, and I’m expecting a full-on trainwreck to occur.

I have already written my Fight Notes article for the UFC event (link), and I’ll have some thoughts on the main card of Liddell / Ortiz. In the case of the latter, the dearth of name value on the whole fight card is stunning. Banking everything on the drawing power of a pair of faded legends is proving to have been just as disastrous as expected, plus was forced to cancel their Black Friday promotional sale, so I’m expecting the buyrate for this event to be even lower than expected. I could see a lot of people dropping $20 for this, rather than the $40 they’re asking for.

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