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American Thanksgiving

As I live in Canada, this is not an actual holiday for me. However, since my job involves working with a largely American group of customers, we always close down for the day and do something fun. Last year, we went axe-throwing, which was really fun — I even managed to nail a no-look, behind-the-back throw. This year we opted to do indoor go-karting, and I had a great time. My hands are still in rough shape, and I should have worn gloves — as the steering wheel was fairly abrasive — but I survived. I ended up coming in 6th place, out of 12, but had a great time anyway; I was just getting the hang of the kart and course as we finished our final lap. I really need to do that again, although the cost is high enough that it will be a while before I make my way back out. I probably would have done better if I wasn’t such a conservative driver — and one who obeyed the rules about passing and bumping other cars.

I’ll be putting up a review of the new¬†Hate Eternal album later today. I was very pleased with it, despite ignoring the band for over a decade-and-a-half since their¬†King Of All Kings record left me utterly unimpressed.

Lastly, I hope any American readers have an enjoyable holiday. We’re in the final stretch of 2018, which is absurd to contemplate — yet another year has passed all too quickly.

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