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Ontario Government Passes Bill 47

Doug Ford and his provincial government continue to forge ahead, passing more regressive legislation. This time, the government “reforms” recent changes from the previous Liberal government, freezing the minimum wage at $14 until 2020 — when it was set to increase to $15 in 2019. The bill also removes 2 paid sick days which were awarded to call employees. Despite having no proof of this, Ford claims the raised minimum wage and sick days had ‘hurt’ employers, and offered the usual empty platitudes about “helping employers and employees.”

There is precisely no good news in this for employees in Bill 47. I’m not sure how removing sick days will benefit anyone, as it just forces employees to lose out on pay or come to work sick — where they can spread their illness among co-workers! Slashing programs and offering tax credits to low income individuals is neither cost effective, nor helpful to people who need subsidies because they can’t afford certain immediate expenses — making them wait until April to get a credit back is so tone-deaf as to be insulting.

It’s rather quaint how the same government that says the best way out of poverty is  a job is also the one working to keep wages stagnant and clawing back as much as they can. This follows with axing green energy programs and contracts, complaining about the deficit, and looking to impose standard issue PC austerity on the province. I can’t wait to see what this government does next; it’s going to be a long 4 years….

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