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My board game junkie friend decided to pick up Codex, after we read a number of glowing reviews of the game (link). The game borrows very heavily from WarCraft 3 and Magic: The Gathering, but manages to be a really fun, really unique combination of the two concepts. One video review I saw claimed that the system of acquiring cards from a binder was from a game called Mage Warrior, but I’ve never played — or even heard of — that one.

My friend bought the deluxe edition, with all of the current game content in it. We ran through the introductory 1-hero mode, and are hooked on the game. The mechanics are simple, there are lots of options, and the game is really well produced from concept to physical contents. Next week, we’re going to play under the regular rules; I’m really looking forward to digging into this game. It really does a good job representing aspects of real-time strategy and duel-based card games.

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