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Jeff Sessions Fired As US Attorney General

For roughly a year, the possibility of Donald Trump firing Jeff Sessions has been raised but never panned out — and subsequently got buried in the endless deluge of Trump-related news. Today, that possibility came to fruition as the President announced he had asked Sessions for his resignation. No further details were provided by Trump, who spent his post-midterm press conference seething about a variety of topics in his usual, semi-coherent manner.

Sessions’ replacement is a pro-Trump Republican who has openly criticised the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation several times. Matthew Whittaker should recuse himself from the investigation due to a conflict of interest, but given how brazenly corrupt the entire Trump administration has been, there is no guarantee this will happen. I mean, the only reason anyone even knows who Matthew Whittaker is is because the President is openly trying to thwart an investigation of which he is the subject.

Jeff Sessions is a virulent racist, a regressive, horrible Attorney General, and an all-around awful human being — make no mistake about that. In the grand scheme of things, it’s good he’s gone: he’s done enough to roll back criminal justice reforms and push discrimination under the guise of “religious liberty,” but ejecting him without explanation from one of the country’s highest posts is bizarre and shocking. His replacement isn’t going to make anything better, and comes with the additional concern of his potential willingness to interfere with the Mueller probe.

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