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Rizin Shenanigans

I have no idea what will actually come from this — and neither does anyone else, even the people orchestrating it — but apparently Floyd Mayweather is going to fight Japanese kickboxing superstar Tenshin Nakusawa on New Year’s Eve.

The rule set for the bout is unknown, and the same goes for any other detail you might want to know about such a shocking, spontaneous announcement. Personally, I’m expecting either a brief exhibition boxing match will be the end result, if the two parties don’t end up failing to settle on terms. Rizin got a huge PR bump from the announcement, so the experiment has already yielded success.

If a fight does actually happen, it will almost certainly not be under MMA rules, and I highly doubt even kicking will be allowed. Like anything involving Floyd, though, it’s going to be arduous dealing with the speculation and pre-fight analysis.

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