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Carbon Taxes And Hot Air

The ongoing spat between the Canadian federal government and the various provincial leaders has been infuriating, and there are no signs I can discern to indicate this will be changing any time soon. In addition to cancelling green energy programs, and renewable energy contracts, Doug Ford has gotten together with Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe, to complain about the forthcoming carbon tax. Neither offered any sort of alternative to the tax.

This is the narrative I amĀ really growing tired of: bitter resistance to any climate-focused programs. The reality of climate change is already manifesting itself, and still the conservative tact is to either ignore the problem or pass the buck. Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer recently stated that his climate plan would be to reduce global emissions rather than domestic ones. Again, without providing any details as to what exactly that means.

I’m not exactly thrilled with the prospect of paying yet another tax, but if we’re going to do anything to stave off the very real possibility of making large swaths of the planet uninhabitable then we need to bring carbon’s cost in line with its effects. I’m beyond exhausted with hearing “yeah but what about the jobs we’d lose?!” when talking about avoiding a future wherein I drown in a boiling ocean.

Considering that Ontario was just recently hit by a half-dozen tornadoes — weather events the area hasn’t seen in a century — one would figure that Doug Ford would understand that climate change is going to be expensive, even if we choose to do nothing to try and mitigate it and let the chips fall where they may. The weather is going to get more extreme; there will be a lot of damage to infrastructure.

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