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A New Static-X Album?!

I was completely blindsided by the announcement (story) that the remaining members of Static-X have begun work on a new album. The band originally disbanded in 2013, and frontman Wayne Static died in 2014 — making the band’s demise rather final, one would think. Nevertheless, the band has revealed that there will be a posthumous release titled Project Regeneration, due for release some time in the spring of 2019.

The album will apparently contain unreleased vocal recordings from Wayne, and the band has reached out to a number of prominent frontmen for guest spots. I’m curious to see how this turns out, even if I have the same set of reservations as I do with every posthumous album. I really liked Static-X back in the day, and I still think they are one of the bands that came up in the nu metal era whose material aged pretty well. I have reservations but also a bit of cautious optimism; as long as it’s not a transparently blatant cash-grab, I’ll consider it a success.


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