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Ontario Municipal Elections

Probably the least contentious sorts of elections, despite the fact that the individuals winning city councillor and mayoral positions have the means to have a far more direct impact on their constituents, I’m glad these are over. It could very well be due to the oppressive focus on whatever President Alzheimer is doing — or what decades-old treaty he’s tearing up this week — but the local political scene has been relatively quiet. The only major issue is the delayed light rail transit project. I made the effort to vote and try and determine what the 3 candidates I picked represented, but, I’ll be honest, I don’t really give a shit about the school board trustee position.

I ended up voting for incumbent mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, who won re-election, and cast a losing vote for Steve Anderson for city councillor. I don’t even remember who I chose for the school board trustee position because, again, the whole not giving a shit thing. If / when I have children, that position will likely change — but that’s both a huge ‘if’ and also not something that’s happening any time soon, regardless. (That said, I hope those elected will be able to stifle Premier Doug Ford’s careless, regressive attacks on new curriculum material.)

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