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Down With The Sickness

Things have gotten … interesting, since my last updates. I’m still battling the tail-end of whatever god awful chest cold / virus I picked up and, on top of everything, I now have two ear infections. On Tuesday, I realised that my left ear was messed up, as there was a lot of pressure in it and everything sounded slightly muffled on that side. I went to a doctor and got the usual prescription for a penicillin-like medication, and hoped the thing would clear up within a week. Two days later, with minimal improvement in my left ear, my right ear started showing the same symptoms — back to the doctor again.

This time, the approach was a much stronger antibiotic, as well as a rigorous regimen of nasal spray and decongestant pills to try and help my sinuses drain. I’m only a couple days into treatment but I am cautiously optimistic that it is working. My hearing is slightly muffled, though better than I expected it to be. I was able to work the whole week, though I won’t say it was particularly enjoyable given the circumstances.

I’m doing everything I can to ensure this all clears up in time for my Wintersun concert, next Wednesday. I’ve been horribly sick for 2 weeks already, I will be damned if I am going to miss a rare opportunity to see an awesome band. Basically, unless I end up hospitalised with something ungodly, or the ear infections take a turn for the worst, I am going to be present at that show. I always wear earplugs to live shows, so I should be fine either way.

I’ve been sick just long enough that I’m starting to forget what normal feels like. I cannot wait to put this whole ordeal behind me, and get back to my usual routine.

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